Vicki Ellen Behringer


Vicki Ellen Behringer’s colorful artistic style and speed sets her apart from other courtroom artists. Her renditions of famous and infamous trials capture not just the likeness and personalities of the subjects but include all the drama and emotion of the courtroom proceeding.

Behringer’s home base is in Northern California, but she travels with her portable studio to wherever her talents are needed. In addition to her successful career as a courtroom artist for the media, she is often commissioned by private parties to depict them in action. They use these paintings for their office walls, brochures, web sites and gifts. Sought after by collectors, Behringer’s prints and originals of her courtroom art are hanging in some of the top law firms, judge’s chambers, and private collections. Composite sketches are another specialty, and she does these in full color, with not only a full-face view, but with a profile and full body.

When not illustrating courtroom scenes, Behringer spends much of the time painting in her studio. The awards she has won for these are numerous, and she is fast gaining a reputation for her talents in the fine art world as well.

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Phone: (916) 214-8225